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Tuesday      9:30am - 12:30pm    1:30pm - 4:30pm

Wednesday  9:30am - 12:30pm 

Thursday     9:30am - 12:30pm    1:30pm - 4:30pm

Friday         9:30am - 12:30pm    1:30pm - 4pm

Please see new policies below. There is a new late fine system and bookings can only be made online 24 hours in advance, no same day bookings online.

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Please remember to quote your student number and booking reference number.

T: 01242 714225          T: 01242 715031

Alternatively contact the Media Technicians:

Media Centre Opening Times

Monday to Friday 8am - 11pm

Saturday and Sunday 8am - 10pm

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  • Please note that only smoke machines provided by the university maybe used as they follow COSHH rules and regulations.

  • Out of Hours Working

    • If you wish to continue working out of our standard hours, please download here and fill in the form to give to security. Terms & Conditions are here. This is required 2 working days before you plan to use it and sent to
  • Permit to Work

    • When you want to use a smoke machine in the film studio to fill in the form and use the smoke machine that will be available from the kit store. This is required 2 working days before you plan to use it and sent to


The School of Media Technicians

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Jeremy Clifton-Gould

Graham Cooper

Jack Higgins

Teddy Hunter

Marcus Jenkins

James Pendlington

Sam Roberts

Tom Spice



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Remember if you book out the equipment is your responsible for it during the time you have it until it is returned to the store.

Bookings to be made online via website

All bookings to be made before arriving at the kit store

Bookings can only be made for 24 hours in advance

Immediate bookings can be made in the store but only on certain days (there will be a sign in the store window and a note on homepage of the website)

You must have your student card and you must be present when collecting the equipment

Be on time to collect and return your equipment. If you are going to be late please let a member of the kit store team know either calling or email 

Your booking will cancel itself 2 hours after the original collection time if you do not turn up

Check your equipment before you leave campus, if you notice any damage or something not right, please notify a technician immediately

The person booking the equipment is responsible for any loss or damage during the booking

Bookings are for a maximum of 4 days in a row, if you require longer please speak to the kit store team

If you have any issues with your booking please get in contact with the kit store team. Don't forget to quote your reference number

You are responsible for all equipment booked out on your student card, even if you are not using the equipment.

You must be present when returning equipment or make arrangements with a member of the kit store team for someone else to return

If you are late return the equipment you are subjected to being fined for late return

First fine to start 24 hours after return time, this is an automatic process

£1 per item, per day overdue

You have 24 hours to make contact with the kit store team to stop the fine from taking place

You will be automatically suspended from booking until all fines are paid

Any damage caused to the equipment during your booking must be reported immediately via phone, in person or email. Remember if you booked the equipment you are responsible for it, even if you did not do the damage

Damage to equipment to be checked by a technician before fining if necessary 

Non return of equipment after 5 days results in suspension from bookings for 2 weeks after the equipment has been returned

For every 5 days more another 7 days will be added to suspension

If damage to equipment is that extreme you may be asked to pay for full replacement

Any items lost from the kit (eg lens caps, cables, SD cards etc), a fine will be added to your booking and suspended until the fine is paid

Small items like lens caps, hoods etc can be replaced rather than being fined

Fines to be paid via the Glos Online Store . No payments cash or card will be taken in the kit store